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If you did not live in a dorm when you were in collage/ university, there is a lot of stuff you missed out on. You might have had a lot of fun wherever you lived, but college dorm residents probably had double of that fun. If you substitute the word “fun” with “sex” dorm residents, as shown on Dare Dorm, definitely have lots of it!

Dare Dorm is a site that rewards coeds for getting into lewd sexual behavior with fellow students. The horny students film their sexual antics and submit it to the site for review. The most crazy, hot, sexual romp is rewarded with a cash prize of a thousand dollars. If you are thinking, “I get to have horny coed sex and stand to get paid? Where do I sign up?” you are not alone!

Every two weeks new material is uploaded regardless of whether it is real or theatrical. Some might say that two weeks is long time to wait for new material. To this we say, patience is a virtue, so hold on! Initially the site used to pay out ten thousand dollar rewards but they have reduced this amount to the disappointment of many.

Dare Dorm has 103+ movies that unfortunately can only be streamed. There is no download option and the site does not have any picture gallery. The movies run for about 52 minutes and the movie format is flash. There are bonus movies from the Muffia site, plus the content can be termed as exclusive.

“Is the porn on Dare Dorm real coeds in real sexual situations?”

To be diplomatic, the answer here is 50/50. There are elements that show the amateur nature of coed porn which lend credibility to the realness of the movies. The girls are so cute and behave pretty much like coeds would.

The sex is marvelous although production wise, some scenes may have shaky camera work. This however is the allure and charm of amateur coed porn, right?

The bulk of material on Dare Dorm comes off as genuine collage dudes and coeds frolicking in the sack. There are still things the site needs to improve on namely the updates and downloading features. If coed porn is your “most beloved niche porn,” check out this site.

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