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Have you watched Cherry? You know the movie where an uptown girl goes to the city and finds herself turning into a porn star for a living. A lot of producers and talent scouts found Ashley Hinshaw’s prowess to be very exceptional and if you watch the movie, you would really be driven to punch the air in affirmation to this statement. Anyway, the reason why I’m telling you about the movie is that there’s website pretty much reminiscent to my experience watching it. It’s name is also reminiscent to the book I once read by Dan Brown called Digital Fortress. It’s a website so called Digital Desire.

Are you horny? Well, of course there’s no doubting that given you’re here reading this porn review I penned out of amazement from the site. Digital Desire is not something you get to see everyday, unless you have found out about the site of course. What I’m trying to say is that it is one of those that are out of the ordinary kind of porn sites. It’s something that will drive your sex meters to the highest level they can go. Why? For the mere reason that is one of which that is injected with the most aesthetically and content appealing sites. From the models, all the way to the porn action, you can really commend its value as a groundbreaking porn hub.

What you get with Digital Desire is an entirely huge network of high quality porn media. There are over 871 videos to date that each run at 8 minutes. There are also pictures that go all the way to a 2000 plus count. The site despite its completeness is still a work in progress as the creators are still in the process of making an influx of videos and photos to the site. They are doing it gradually by updating the site every week.

The registration for Digital Desire is only for 19.94 dollars a month. Apart from being able to access the contents, you will also be able to download any or all of the videos that you love. Enjoy!

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