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There are 2644 episodes in Digital Playground and everything can be viewed in HD. There is no advanced search though so you may have to be contented with the basic search. The videos can be streamed but they can’t be downloaded so you must have a fast Internet connection.

You can save favorites so you can remember the videos you liked the most. You can browse through some of the biggest names in porn because the people behind this website have been doing this for a very long time that they certainly know what they are doing. In terms of bonus material, there are third party DVDs and the website adds a new DVD every week. The content on Digital Playground is fairly awesome and you would be surprised at the quality of the babes over here. Due to the large amount of content here, you won’t know what to do first so you will certainly make use of the fact that you can save your favorites since there is a lot of stuff here.

When you get through all of the stuff here, you will knock yourself out due to the fact that everything here can’t be saved. Each video comes with a gallery but the pictures can’t be saved either. The girls here are veterans in the porn industry and there are also some new ones and you will be impressed by how well they control the sex scenes. They certainly are no stranger in the porn industry. The movies may not be saved but they can be enlarged to the entire screen. Not only that, the quality of the videos won’t be minimized.

You are going to notice how well the videos were done since they came from a quality production company. The people behind the videos sure knew what they were doing which meant the porn stars were very comfortable while performing the shrewd acts. They know they were being captured by experts at their crafts. Digital Playground is one website that is a notch above most of the websites since they have all niches of porn.

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