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Haze Her is one of the latest niche sites to come on the scene in the college porn industry. They had a premature launch a while back, but they are now back with a full vengeance, and all of the wild things that happen in a sorority house are now open for you to watch. However, there are some serious downside to this site.

First and foremost is the layout. You have absolutely no idea what you are looking at or the Haze Her statistics when you log on. That is inexcusable laziness, and many people will take one look at the site and then leave. They do not have any obvious numbers of videos or means to navigate the site that are worthwhile. You will be looking for the videos and the models over and over again without being able to search for them. There is no online forums or community, and there is very little keeping you on the site except for the fact that there are some ridiculously hot women on this site.

At Haze Her, you will see some hot college age girls doing some downright filthy things to belong to the sorority. You will see a lot of group sex and girls on girls action on the site as they try to prove that they belong. So if you are looking to join the site then you will need to pick out one of the available payment plans and lengths for your particular desire.

For a single month of membership you will be paying just under twenty dollars. This is a fair amount when you consider the fact that Haze Her is largely devoid of anything that would make it worth more money, such as high definition. All things considered, this site is great; there are enough interesting videos and pictures to make you want to come back to this site. You can’t find many other better ways to fund your porn needs.

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