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We love when things are clear and in High Def resolution. We have yet to come across anyone who hates High Def action. So it makes sense that a site with the name HD Love would have nothing but High Def love making action, right? Well that’s what we want to find out, so stick around. 

The first thing we have to get off our chest is the fact that these guys were not messing around when they say they have High Def stuff. When you stream the action, guess what? it looks great. When you download it, yes, it still looks great. Super quality High Definition playback is what you will receive.

The camerawork and production levels are also very high on HD Love. There are nice angles, great focus, some wicked shots, and general top-notch producer quality. Do not think for a second that just because the site has the name “love” that they are all about glamour and softcore. The material is undeniably erotic, that’s a given, but it is also very hardcore. 

There is a scene where this big buxom gal gets to experience some pussy sucking from her “boyfriend” before she goes all “mouthy” on his junk. The next course of action is some sweet old hardcore sexing session. So the material inside is not softcore by any definitions.

Niches inside HD Love include Lesbos, facials, penetrations, threesomes, and so on. Now that we are in agreement that the action inside is hardcore and High Def, are there any drawbacks new members should be aware of? Well, the site doesn’t have so much material since the video gallery has 33+ videos and 33+ photo sets (400 pictures in a set). 

Yes, yes, we know that this is not a lot of material. The updating schedule is not something that this site can be proud of really. They do updates once every two weeks. The movies are thirty-minute long affairs and the High Res Images and HD videos are really well shot and well filmed respectively. The .zip file helps you download the images you want fast.

The site has really hot High Definition action inside no doubt. On the flip side of that coin, they have little material currently available. If you do not mind the small number of pics and vids, you should get a membership. If you would rather wait for HD Love to add more action, then do so. For this one we will leave the decision in your capable hands!

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