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It is all original hardcore massage content at Nuru Massage and they deliver the goods in more ways than one. It starts out when a guy lies down on the massage table then he is led to the shower where the girl helps him take a bath and it is that time when his dick gets awfully hard. After taking a fast bath, it is time for the guy to get oiled by the girl. Both of them are already naked at this time and the girl massages the guy using every part of her body.

There are 11 choices for downloading each video and 7 of them will let you view the video instantly. There are 221 girls here but there is not much information for each one. There are links to her videos but there is no biography so you won’t know anything about each model apart from her name. You can rate each model as well as all her videos and photos.

For bonuses, you may want to head over to the Account area where there is a drop down menu that will take you to several massage themed websites. The Nuru Massage galleries area is where you will obviously find all the pictures and some of them would already lead to the videos. The entire massage session could also contain a blowjob, sex and experimenting with a variety of sex toys. There is no doubt you would want to visit the nearest massage parlor when you get a load of the videos here. You will get lots of sex and your body will feel relaxed at the same time. Of course, it would be a lot better if you were the one who will choose who will massage you. The pictures of the girls there should be given so you would know what they look like even though some are photogenic.

It would be wise to give them a massage after the good service Nuru Massage just did and it will only be a matter of time before they make your sexual fantasies come true.

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