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Sapphic Erotica is billed as “pretty girls doing it right” and they set themselves up for a lot to live up to. Here we will see what they offer and how well they live up to their name. The very first thing that you are going to notice about this site is that it does not have a very good layout and design. The different layers seem to overlap, the font is small to the point of aggravation, and the about section is so small that it can almost be missed. None of these are things that are the hallmarks of professional sites, so it immediately makes you question the content.

Speaking of the content, Sapphic Erotica is obviously a starter site or has not had the time to expand itself because they have less than two thousand videos, which tends to be the hallmark of a good or even decent website. When it comes to the amount of models that they have on this site, they are just over nine hundred, which is rather impressive and perplexing because they should have more videos per model. The site does not specialize in any particular type of porn, rather, they have a great deal of different types of porn niches that are available on the site. This excludes any of the really small niches and all of the extreme fetish porn, though they do claim to have some porn for the fetishists in everyone.

All told, Sapphic Erotica has a few thousand scenes and not a great deal of movies. When it comes to the quality of the video, not all of them are shot in the high definition setting. The downside to this is that you will not get the crystal clear images that you have been getting used to on all of the other sites. Of course, they may make strides in the future in order to remaster their videos. The site is also home to a great deal of still pictures that come from the videos that are shot in the Sapphic Erotica studios.

If you want to become a member of the site then you will pay about $29.99 a month for a membership. Overall, this site is average and price point is quite right. Consider checking out another more successful site unless you see something that you really like on here.

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